End-to-end transportation management in one powerful, easy-to-use shipping platform.

Gain control of your shipping costs 和 logistics operations with the 十大菠菜台子 TMS system

Logistics strategy 和 planning has moved from the dock-floor to the boardroom. 市场的不确定性和竞争迫使企业精简, 快速进入市场和技术进步. 从简单到最复杂的供应链, today's shippers need complete supply chain transparency 和 a single location to manage their logistics operations.

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    From robust track 和 trace capabilities to real-time freight analytics, the 十大菠菜台子 TMS system provides a ‘control tower’ view of your shipments across all modes of transportation.

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    十大菠菜台子托运人TMS, 你可以立即进入我们85人的网络,000+高素质的卡车运输公司和75+本地, 区域, 和国家LTL航空公司.

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    当你与我们合作时, you are backed by one of the largest transportation management 和 logistics technology leaders in North America.



The 十大菠菜台子 TMS for logistics empowers shippers to maximize productivity 和 streamline operations in one easy-to-use shipping platform. Our cloud-based interface allows shippers to rate 和 shop carriers across multiple modes, 优化路由, 创建装运单据, 跟踪和投标, 并管理从创建到交付的发货生命周期.

随着您需求的增长,十大菠菜台子 TMS与您一起成长,提供 电子商务系统集成, 运费理赔管理, 预付运费并审核, 和 carrier relationship management services to negotiate 和 maintain 利率. 从自己动手到 管理运输解决方案, our combination of experience 和 best-in-class TMS technology delivers the competitive advantage you need to propel your business forward.


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    Quote 和 tender shipments across all modes 和 geographies with greater ease 和 efficiency from anywhere at anytime with our TMS system for shippers. Save presets 和 automate shipment creation from multi-leg delivery to single delivery.

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    控制塔规划 & 可见性

    组织, 查看和处理最近的发货, 接机时间表, 和 out-for-delivery shipments to take the guess work out of load planning for greater productivity.

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    Our transportation management software allows you to utilize a pre-qualified network of 85,000 +运营商. Add 和 manage compliance of new carriers, warehouses, lumpers 和 other vendors.

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    实时跟踪 & 通知

    实时跟踪从预订到发票的所有负载. 整合所有形式的第三方跟踪在一个地方.

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    节省时间和生产力访问货运报价, 提单, 发票, 和运输标签都在同一个TMS系统中.

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    入站 & 供应商运费管理

    Control shipping costs by scheduling inbound 和 vendor freight that follows your routing guide procedures.

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    自动货运审计 & 付款

    Reduce overcharges 和 simplify freight bill settlement 和 audit processes with advanced automation configured to your business rules.

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    Easily manage all your claims 和 rebilling centrally online with our transport management system.

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    Enhance productivity 和 drive profitability with machine learning 和 automation.

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    分析 & 商业智能

    Business intelligence dashboard to discover actionable business efficiencies 和 insights.

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    整合十大菠菜台子运费率与流行 电子商务购物车 为您的客户提供无缝的网上购物体验.

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    十大菠菜台子 adapts to your business needs by seamlessly integrating into your daily operations by connecting to your enterprise ERP 和 WMS systems.


通过十大菠菜台子 TMS为托运人发现您的竞争优势

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    我们可以定制 运输管理系统 (TMS)为您的所有货物提供可见性, 利率, 报告和商业智能为决策提供信息.

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    Utilize our technology 和 expert teams to automate your processes 和 discover consolidation opportunities.

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    进入我们的85网络,000+运营商,以具有竞争力的价格满足您的需求, 优质服务和供应链效率.

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    We’ve created a carrier qualification process to ensure only the best carriers are moving your freight.

听听我们的托运人 & 顾客对我们的评价

十大菠菜台子是我的首选 anytime freight of all types needs to be moved. 我的物流专员不仅对要求反应迅速, but updates are communicated from the time freight leaves the dock to the time it’s delivered. 十大菠菜台子 is a valued business partner that makes the logistics side of day-to-day operations easy.


十大菠菜台子是我的首选. 他们完成了工作,而且总是为我做得更好.

买家,食物 & 饮料制造商

我已经在十大菠菜台子工作三年了. 它们为我节省了时间和金钱. I went with 十大菠菜台子 because they showed me real dollar savings 和 their professional attitude. I have local reps who I know I can count on to resolve any issues I have. Their inside staff is a dedicated team, 和 they are quick to respond.


十大菠菜台子 does a great job for us 和 is committed to seeing our shipments through from pick-up to delivery. Our partnership with 十大菠菜台子 is key to ensuring our commitment to excellence 和 on-time performance.


环球tranz对我来说已经超越了一切. They are dedicated to doing what needs to be done to service our needs 和 provide top notch customer service. I highly recommend 十大菠菜台子 if you’re looking for a 3PL that’ll get the job done.


I want to thank my team at 十大菠菜台子 for the quality 和 high level of service they provide us. They are prompt with email responses, quick to act, 和 accommodating for many challenging scenarios. We use the 十大菠菜台子 TMS to book LTL shipping to deliver furniture pieces to customer residences 和 businesses. We find the 十大菠菜台子 TMS very convenient 和 easy to use, including filing claims. As a furniture company, we value customer satisfaction 和 rely heavily on quality shipping. 非常感谢你的帮助!



Our transportation management software is powered by one of the industry's most advanced logistics technology platforms. 十大菠菜台子 is proud to be recognized for innovation in the technology we provide to our clients.



Seamlessly integrate 十大菠菜台子 TMS platform into your daily operations by connecting to your ERP with Transportation Management System Integration solutions.


Integrate industry-leading 电子商务 shopping carts with 十大菠菜台子's market-leading LTL 利率 for a seamless online shipping experience for your customers.

Learn how 十大菠菜台子 和 our TMS platform can drive your business success.